Rosie The Lurcher Stolen

Last night a person or person(s) broke into our kennel facility in Walterstown and stole Rosie The Lurcher. We request that everybody keep a look out for this dog and let us know immediately if you spot her. She has very defined black markings on her white coat and should be easy to spot.

1925317_1009231305772823_6428137559342771698_nYou can contact us in full confidentiality by phoning 042 9335045 or emailing PLEASE HELP.

Rosie is microchipped and currently registered to  Louth SPCA.

The thieves also stole a bunch of metal feeding bowls, so they are likely stealing other dogs in the area, or planning to do so. The sooner they are apprehended the better.

We are using the hashtag #findrosiethelurcher for this important campaign.