Christmas Donation Appeal

Many kind hearted people like to make a donation to charity around Christmas. We would ask that you consider the Louth SPCA this year when you go online to donate.

We currently have a lot of dogs and cats in the shelter, and believe it or not, they have to be fed and kept warm while they are here! Many of them also have vet bills that need paying plus other special needs.

The staff here are all voluntary, we get no pay at all, but we DO need money to keep the animals comfortable. If you can spare anything at all this year, please help us out! Thank you.

Your donation will provide food and shelter for rescued animals and help with the maintenance of our shelters
Other Amount:

Louth SPCA is registered charity number CHY 12479. Never give anything to anyone claiming to be a charity but not displaying their CHY number eg. “Animal Ark” or one of these outfits.