Louth SPCA

Animal Protection in the time of COVID…

Just an update on what Louth SPCA have been up to during these strange and dangerous times…

Since the lockdown(s) Louth SPCA have been very busy. We have had lots of dogs in but they are going to new homes as quickly as they arrive as do the cats and kittens (some of those homed are pictured below).

We have a waiting list of 90 odd people looking for dogs and loads of people looking for kittens (we don’t have any kittens). Looking at the website recently it probably appears we have done nothig lately (FAR from being the case), but it’s just that the dogs don’t get up as much now we have homes that have already been homechecked and so the animals just get vaccinated,chipped and neutered… and away they go!

We’ve had wonderful support from the public both in coming out to walk and in giving food, toys and beds and bedding. It has been amazing. Now in these very trying times we do need to do more fundraising as we have to raise approx 60k extra a year to keep going it works out. So if anyone has any ideas or would like to do something for the animals, please feel free and we will gladly assist – just be sure to let us know!

Finally, just to say thank you to our volunteers who have been amazing through all this. Stay safe everyone hopefully we will be out other side before long.

Note all animals pictured have already been homed.