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St. Patrick’s Day 2015

Well a great day was had by all at the Parade. We had lots of dogs that had been rehomed in our gang. Some of the people travelled from a good distance away to take part.

patricksday2001bThe dog were so well behaved, even the very young. They were great with the crowds and went to the children for a pat. It was just lovely to see!


Rosie Found!

After a relentless campaign by Louth SPCA both online (#findrosiethelurcher) and offline that lasted over 30 days, we have fabulous news – Rosie the Lurcher has been found and is safely back in our care!!


She is unharmed, quite excited to be playing at the shelter with her friends and looking forward to getting a forever home! We really need to thank everyone for all their efforts (over 34,000 people on Facebook alone!) and a big thank you to Pet Detective Robert Kenny who advised us on how to go about it all.

Now, let’s get Rosie homed, she has had enough adventures to do a lifetime and needs somewhere to settle down. Can you give her a forever home? If so, fill in the below application form.

Apply For Homing



Rosie The Lurcher Stolen

Last night a person or person(s) broke into our kennel facility in Walterstown and stole Rosie The Lurcher. We request that everybody keep a look out for this dog and let us know immediately if you spot her. She has very defined black markings on her white coat and should be easy to spot.

1925317_1009231305772823_6428137559342771698_nYou can contact us in full confidentiality by phoning 042 9335045 or emailing PLEASE HELP.

Rosie is microchipped and currently registered to  Louth SPCA.

The thieves also stole a bunch of metal feeding bowls, so they are likely stealing other dogs in the area, or planning to do so. The sooner they are apprehended the better.

We are using the hashtag #findrosiethelurcher for this important campaign.

Rosie still needs a home!

Rosie is the Lurcher has been with us some time now, girl. She is now 9 months old and has had all her vaccinations and is neutered. She is not good with cats and needs some training, but loves going for walks and loves people. She has a very gentle nature. Can anyone out there give this beautiful, friendly dog a forever home?

Apply For Homing



Don’t Leave Dogs and Cats Outside in the Cold

You may have noticed the weather around the county has gotten bitterly cold, with temperatures dipping as low as minus 5 last night.  Naturally, you would keep yourself safe from this kind of cold, so make sure to do the same for your dogs, cats and other pets/animals!

First and foremost, DO NOT leave your dog outside in freezing cold temperatures. Dogs have been rescued or found dead in yards tied to trees or other stationary objects in icy and snowy elements. One of the most devastating things to come upon is a dog, or another animal, that has been tethered in the backyard during a winter freeze and to learn that the dog has actually frozen to the ground only to die from exposure. Being tied up and helpless to save yourself would be terrifying. Just think how our trusting pets feel when they are left in this state and unable to seek shelter, all while quickly succumbing to freezing temperatures.

Buy your dog a coat. This may sound silly to some people, but not all dogs have thick hair and older dogs feel the cold in their bones the way humans do when out walking. You can but a nice, warm, waterproof coat for your dog at any pet store or even online for less than 20 euro.

Dog CoatWhether house cat or outdoor cat, they need to be brought and kept indoors during cold weather. Scared and cold cats can get themselves into dangerous situations like getting stuck in pipes they have crawled into for warmth or hiding under car hoods on a warm engine.

As with hot weather, DO NOT leave pets in cold cars. Your car can quickly turn into an icebox, and result in their death.

Apply common sense in all cases – if conditions are undesirable for you, then they are undesirable or even dangerous to THEM. Your pet relies in you to keep them safe, make sure you do just that this winter.

Stop Animal Ark collecting in every town and city in Ireland

Sign the petition to stop Animal Ark collecting in every town and city in Ireland on the pretence of supporting animal rescues!

Here’s the link.

When Animal Ark collects money on the street from the public they:

  • have no permit for doing so (they are only permitted to sell scratch cards)
  • do not contribute to the local animal charity in the area for whom they claim to be doing so
  • are taking away donations from very reputable Animal Rescues who struggle on a daily basis to keep open and take, treat and home abused, abandoned and neglected animals

Santa Paws Photos

Here’s some photos of this year’s Santa Paws event at the Longwalk Shopping Centre. Great fun was had by all, and the little dogs were all delighted to see Santa.

Thanks to all involved, and we hope to see you all again next year.  The main photo above is Alice and Karen with Santa  and of course Roxy, who was there for the three days as our mascot dog, meeting and greeting everyone. Special thanks to them.

Happy Christmas from the Louth SPCA!

New Website!

After a good run of 5 years, the old website has now been replaced, just in time for Christmas!


Many new features have been added to help with homing animals and making it easier to report cases of animal cruelty. Also, if you are on a tablet or phone, you will notice the site looks SO much better now on smaller screens 🙂

Many thanks to Paul Scollon at altFIRE Technologies for building and hosting the site (old and) new site, which he does completely for free. He even renews our domain name annually and manages all our updates and backups!

Here Comes Santa Paws!

Santa Paws is in town once again this year, on the 15th, 16th and 17th in the Longwalk Shopping Centre, from 11am to 5pm each day. Santa will be waiting for all the little dogs to come to see him and get their picture taken!