Louth SPCA

Buying A Fish

A fish can make a fun family pet. Every species has its own personality and needs, so make sure you know what you’re looking for.

Do your research

Read up about different species – how big they grow, and what other species they can share tanks with. Some species are up for a battle. Some might even eat each other. So make sure you make the right matches. And remember, fish require specialist veterinary care which could be expensive.

Look into equipment

Different species might need different tanks, pumps and water to stay happy. You’ll need to check all of its needs such as if it’s a saltwater or fresh water fish and set up its new home before you buy. Seek advice from an experienced aquarist to establish your aquarium. Advice is also available from books, websites and specialist shops.

Buy from an experienced keeper

They’ll be able to give you all the advice and knowledge you need.


Ensure that the fish you buy are healthy and free from any sign of injury or disease. Plus, make sure you provide adequate facilities to transport your fish home and ensure water temperatures are the same when transferring them to their new environment.

Quick delivery

It’s very stressful for a fish to be posted to you, plus compromises their health, so never agree to this form of transport for your fish. It is advisable to view it in its environment and collect it from there in person.