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Lucky a small Jack Russell. He has not had best start as was abandoned and then taken in by person that in end couldn’t keep him. He is just over a year.  A quiet wee man, would suit a quiet household. He is to be castrated and vaccinated and chipped before homing. He will need plenty of TLC and a bit of training.


Buster is just a baby only 1 year old. He is a short legged labrador x collie. He has been a family dog. Lived in the house. He was later outside but got in a state as was used to being pampered. We have  found him to be very loving and wants human contact. He has been out with all our dogs and is great.

He would need bit of training but is fast to learn. Not ideal for small children as he does jump a bit. Would make a fabulous family dog.


This is Buddy, he is approximately 6 years old. He is going to be castrated next week. He is a happy little man and is out with other dogs. He came from a family that are farmers. He did live outside mostly. Loves to have cuddle and likes a walk. It would be nice for him to have a companion. Older children would be preferred or someone on their own.

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch are Belgian Shepherd/Collie crosses. They are 5 month old brothers. Lilo has the ear that sits funny, that’s how we can tell them apart!

They were found dumped in a ditch, and they appeared to have been drugged as neither could stand. However, they are now fit and well and have been living a better life recently.

They get on with everyone as puppies do and they now are ready for their forever home or homes. They just love to be out playing.

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Zosha and Tibs

These two cats are looking for a home urgently. The Ginger is called Zosha and Tabby is Tibs.
They are approx two years and have been neutered. They lived with a family who we’re afraid have to leave Ireland due to work. So we urgently need a home or homes for the two. Please!

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Ricco is a 5 month old Labrador Cross. He is a friendly wee man. Lived with a family but  n a totally unsuitable place so they decided to surrender him to find a new forever home.

He will be vaccinated and chipped. He gets on with other dogs. Little bit boisterous but is just a puppy really.

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Mitch is a Springer Spaniel, he is 8 years old. He is very friendly, good with children. Lives mostly outside. We are sure you will agree he needs a loving home where he is walked and loved. He will be neutered vaccinated and chipped.

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