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Level 5 Restrictions

As a result of last night’s Level 5 announcement we will be restricting the number of people coming in and out of our facilities for the next 6 weeks.

If you are interested in adopting an animal please contact us via to make an appointment to visit. Our phone line is currently down so it is best to contact us via email.

We will continue to post updates of the animals we have in our care on our Facebook page and on this website.

Our Inspector and volunteers will continue to assist animals as usual over this period.

We know it is a tough time for everyone, remember to be kind and check on your neighbours. We will get through this together.


Update on Jade

This is Jade who was found wandering on country roads. She was brought to Louth SPCA  as she had obviously recently had pups.

We set about searching for he pups all over the area in which she was found. We came to conclusion she had just been dumped. She was so afraid to come to us, wagged her tail but just could not walk to us. We could pet her in bed. We found she had huge lump on her neck. In the vets they found and abscess going quite a bit round her neck. Needless to say she was operated on and you can see the amount of stitches she had in the photo.

She has since found a wonderful home, with two great people who have all the time in the world to wait for her to trust!


Roxy Update

Roxy the German Shepherd came in as a surrender case. She had a life of living in a pen. She had a lovely nature but needed training. This photo is of her now in her new home. She lives with another two dogs. She is really fitting in and learning from the others and her great new owner how to behave.

Great to see!

Here Comes Santa Paws!

Santa Paws is in town once again this year, on the 15th, 16th and 17th in the Longwalk Shopping Centre, from 11am to 5pm each day. Santa will be waiting for all the little dogs to come to see him and get their picture taken!

Blanket Donations

We received a donation of blankets from Aer Lingus. They had made a statement of giving to Rescues and Welfare round the country and we at Louth SPCA were lucky enough to get a bag full.

Thank you to Aer Lingus!

Facilitating Adoptions with Avenue Road Veterinary Hospital

So we have been very busy homing lately. Some have gone from Private home to new home with our assistance in homechecking.

People over time have asked for a particular dog and when we get something we get in touch.

In the past good few months we have worked very closely with Avenue Road Veterinary Hospital – Lauren has been great help in putting up pics of lost kittens and cats on their Facebook page. It has proven very successful.

So to all our adopting parents we would just like to say a big “Thank You” and a Happy Christmas!

R.I.P. Nina

These two lovies won the hearts of all who worked or visited Louth SPCA over past 5 odd years. Nina & Gilly.

In beginning they came because of a fight at their home, then every so often we were asked to mind them. Fiona would pull up at their house and they ran to the van. They loved coming out. The girls took them out for trips to the seaside too. If there was ever a fight they would run to sort it! So for past year they have been left with us and as of 9th October they became honorary members of our family. We love them.

Sadly, at the end of last week Nina lost her very valiant fight against cancer. It was in all her Lymph Nodes and grew very quickly – but at least at the end she was ours. Myself, Shannon and Fiona Mackin were with her in her final hours, so she knew all our voices and hopefully she was comforted.

R.I.P wee lady, you are now pain-free. you will be be missed very much…

Chip’s Progress

So Chip “the almost blind dog” has found a brilliant new home.

Thanks to the generosity of his new Mum and Dad for offering him a forever home. They have done their homework to make life as easy for him as possible (evidently, basil put at different points will stop him bumping into things).

He is managing great. It just warms the heart to see a dog like Chip faring so well!

Cruelty Cases On The Rise

We don’t really highlight the cruelty cases we come across too much here at Louth SPCA, more often you read about the animals needing homes AFTER they’ve been treated and not about what they went through before. Our Inspector Fiona really does see it all, and she has many (sad) stories to tell. Unfortunately, it never lets up, and recently, may even be on the increase. Here are a few examples.

First there was a dog found in a back garden having had its leg broken a few days before (can’t put up photo up currently). It was taken into care of Louth SPCA and had to have an operation to put pins in the broken leg,  so is now in a foster care and doing really well, thankfully.

Second dog was found in the owner’s garden absolutely starving to death. He was a wee Terrier and was so underweight we can’t
vaccinate him until he puts on some weight. Another very lucky dog to have a great foster home, where he has found the couch and is currently loving life. Even starting to play and be a normal dog again.

The third case is a Rottweiler found by a member of public up the mountain, tied to a gate. He was malnourished and had
a tumour on his foot, God knows how long he was there in and what weather he had to endure. We were alerted and have taken care of him. He is 11 years old, so senior citizen really. Poor lad was in a
lot of pain, but he had his operation this week and is now in our kennels to get TLC. A very upsetting case nonetheless.

These are just some examples of what we come across, and not even the most disturbing of them. We are completely dependent on members of the public to report these cases, and more often than not we can help the animal that is being abuses, but only if you inform us.

For all reports of animal cruelty, please contact us directly

Phone: 042 9335045

If there is no answer (the kennels can get very busy) then please


with as much information as possible. You can also use the below form.

Do NOT report incidents via Facebook or Twitter, as they are not guaranteed to be seen by our inspector.

Report A Case Of Animal Cruelty

Your name will not be mentioned to anyone we confront over animal cruelty. This is for our internal information only.
Please provide a number we can contact you at for more details if required.
Please provide an email we can contact you at for more details if required.
Please provide as much details as possible, especially the ADDRESS of the incident. Any other information including your description of the case would be most useful.
Please consent to your data being stored by us for future use internal to the society.
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