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Neglect Cases still a thing…

We don’t report much from the actual frontline fight against animal neglect and cruelty in County Louth, but you can be assured it still goes on. Here is a recent callout Fiona had to make about 2 small dogs in abandoned and in distress. The terrier as you can see is doing “okay”, but the […]

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Food Donation and Grant

VetSpec recently made a very generous donation to Louth SPCA. We got about thirty bags of food – of every variety! Much appreciation to them. On another note were very pleased to receive our Ex Gratia Grant from Minister McConalogue, Dept of Agriculture Food and Marine, for an amazing 26,000 euro. We hold our breathes

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Level 5 Restrictions

As a result of last night’s Level 5 announcement we will be restricting the number of people coming in and out of our facilities for the next 6 weeks. If you are interested in adopting an animal please contact us via info@louthspca.ie to make an appointment to visit. Our phone line is currently down so

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Update on Jade

This is Jade who was found wandering on country roads. She was brought to Louth SPCA  as she had obviously recently had pups. We set about searching for he pups all over the area in which she was found. We came to conclusion she had just been dumped. She was so afraid to come to

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Roxy Update

Roxy the German Shepherd came in as a surrender case. She had a life of living in a pen. She had a lovely nature but needed training. This photo is of her now in her new home. She lives with another two dogs. She is really fitting in and learning from the others and her

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Pony Rescue

Fiona was after this pony for the past 9 months but she disappeared for a bit. Finally a friend found her and she really needed treatment. Her feet were in awful condition, as you can see from the photo. She has been taken into care and now and has a buddy called Beyonce. Her new

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Pigmy Goats

Just a post to show how here at the Louth SPCA we never know what we are going to get next! These two Pigmy Goats were recently abandoned. They are wee devils that jump over EVERYTHING and bounce around a lot. Getting used to being handled… slowly. They have had offers of homes already. We

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Hedgehog Rescue!

Case from Wednesday afternoon. People had tried to get it out of the drain but as you can see from the photo was quite stuck. Fiona arrived later and tried kitchen utensils (ladle, spatula etc). Then she had a soft lead she managed to get round his head. With the spatula and lead she managed after a

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Kennels Maintenance

We had quiet two weeks recently with all dogs homed, including Rosie the Collie and Porridge, so we took the time to get out drains renewed, it was badly needed! We also painted the kennel and floors – it looks like new but  won’t last long.  All volunteers worked hard to get it all done

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