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Chip’s Progress

So Chip “the almost blind dog” has found a brilliant new home.

Thanks to the generosity of his new Mum and Dad for offering him a forever home. They have done their homework to make life as easy for him as possible (evidently, basil put at different points will stop him bumping into things).

He is managing great. It just warms the heart to see a dog like Chip faring so well!

Cruelty Cases On The Rise

We don’t really highlight the cruelty cases we come across too much here at Louth SPCA, more often you read about the animals needing homes AFTER they’ve been treated and not about what they went through before. Our Inspector Fiona really does see it all, and she has many (sad) stories to tell. Unfortunately, it never lets up, and recently, may even be on the increase. Here are a few examples.

First there was a dog found in a back garden having had its leg broken a few days before (can’t put up photo up currently). It was taken into care of Louth SPCA and had to have an operation to put pins in the broken leg,  so is now in a foster care and doing really well, thankfully.

Second dog was found in the owner’s garden absolutely starving to death. He was a wee Terrier and was so underweight we can’t
vaccinate him until he puts on some weight. Another very lucky dog to have a great foster home, where he has found the couch and is currently loving life. Even starting to play and be a normal dog again.

The third case is a Rottweiler found by a member of public up the mountain, tied to a gate. He was malnourished and had
a tumour on his foot, God knows how long he was there in and what weather he had to endure. We were alerted and have taken care of him. He is 11 years old, so senior citizen really. Poor lad was in a
lot of pain, but he had his operation this week and is now in our kennels to get TLC. A very upsetting case nonetheless.

These are just some examples of what we come across, and not even the most disturbing of them. We are completely dependent on members of the public to report these cases, and more often than not we can help the animal that is being abuses, but only if you inform us.

For all reports of animal cruelty, please contact us directly

Phone: 042 9335045

If there is no answer (the kennels can get very busy) then please


with as much information as possible. You can also use the below form.

Do NOT report incidents via Facebook or Twitter, as they are not guaranteed to be seen by our inspector.

Report A Case Of Animal Cruelty

Your name will not be mentioned to anyone we confront over animal cruelty. This is for our internal information only.
Please provide a number we can contact you at for more details if required.
Please provide an email we can contact you at for more details if required.
Please provide as much details as possible, especially the ADDRESS of the incident. Any other information including your description of the case would be most useful.
Please consent to your data being stored by us for future use internal to the society.
You're going to need to prove that!
reCAPTCHA is required.

Pony Rescue

Fiona was after this pony for the past 9 months but she disappeared for a bit. Finally a friend found her and she really needed treatment. Her feet were in awful condition, as you can see from the photo.

She has been taken into care and now and has a buddy called Beyonce. Her new name is “Misty”.

She will now get all the TLC and care she deserves. Happy ending!

Don’t Leave Dogs and Cats Outside in the Cold

You may have noticed the weather around the county has gotten bitterly cold, with temperatures dipping as low as minus 3 last night.  Naturally, you would keep yourself safe from this kind of cold, so make sure to do the same for your dogs, cats and other pets/animals!

First and foremost, DO NOT leave your dog outside in freezing cold temperatures. Dogs have been rescued or found dead in yards tied to trees or other stationary objects in icy and snowy elements. One of the most devastating things to come upon is a dog, or another animal, that has been tethered in the backyard during a winter freeze and to learn that the dog has actually frozen to the ground only to die from exposure. Being tied up and helpless to save yourself would be terrifying. Just think how our trusting pets feel when they are left in this state and unable to seek shelter, all while quickly succumbing to freezing temperatures.

Buy your dog a coat. This may sound silly to some people, but not all dogs have thick hair and older dogs feel the cold in their bones the way humans do when out walking. You can but a nice, warm, waterproof coat for your dog at any pet store or even online for less than 20 euro.

Dog CoatWhether house cat or outdoor cat, they need to be brought and kept indoors during cold weather. Scared and cold cats can get themselves into dangerous situations like getting stuck in pipes they have crawled into for warmth or hiding under car hoods on a warm engine.

As with hot weather, DO NOT leave pets in cold cars. Your car can quickly turn into an icebox, and result in their death.

Apply common sense in all cases – if conditions are undesirable for you, then they are undesirable or even dangerous to THEM. Your pet relies in you to keep them safe, make sure you do just that this winter.

Pigmy Goats

Just a post to show how here at the Louth SPCA we never know what we are going to get next! These two Pigmy Goats were recently abandoned. They are wee devils that jump over EVERYTHING and bounce around a lot. Getting used to being handled… slowly.

They have had offers of homes already. We will be doing homechecks and making sure everything  is in order for them.

Christmas comes early at the kennels

Thanks to the Giving Team at PayPal we received a grant earlier
this year than before… and it was put to good use! We have at last gone from a rickety gate and messy yard like in the picture below, to a nice entrance and level surface you can actually walk across.

When it rained, it was embarrassing to say the least as people had to dodge the puddles to get to see the animals! Also for the volunteers welly boots were a must, even in the summer. Now we have a new driveway just in time for this year’s bad weather.

Christmas has come early for us at kennels!

Hedgehog Rescue!

Case from Wednesday afternoon. People had tried to get it out of the drain but as you can see from the photo was quite stuck.

Fiona arrived later and tried kitchen utensils (ladle, spatula etc). Then she had a soft lead she managed to get round his head. With the spatula and lead she managed after a while to get him up and then with help of another lady got the poor thing out. Kids were delighted.

Fiona took the little guy to get checked and released it later
in a safe place. Please put covers your drains to avoid further incidents like this one. The next hedgehog (or other wildlife) might not be so lucky!

PayPal Grant

This year, thanks to Vania and Kathy, we received a grant from The Giving Team at Paypal. We have got it to lay a new driveway at kennels as its so muddy and looks awful. So we now need
to get the workmen to do the driveway. It’s quite a big job but we’re sure there are businesses out there who would like the job. Please get in touch with us if you know someone – by email ( or phone (042 9335045) please.

Big thank you to all on the Giving Team!

Kitchen Appeal

The kitchen area in our shelters is in need of some maintenance. We badly need a new washing machine and the whole worktop/presses around the sink area need replacing/maintenance.

If anyone is getting a new kitchen anytime soon, they might be able to donate us some of these parts from their old one? We’re particularly interested in cupboards for under the sink. Your old washing machine would also be most welcome (if it still works).

Also, we would obviously need someone handy to help install these bits and pieces. Email is at if you can help out. Be sure to include your phone number so we can get in touch!