Louth SPCA

About the Louth SPCA

The Louth Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Louth SPCA) is a non-profit animal rescue and welfare organisation. Our aim is to improve the welfare of all animals – both domestic and wild – through a range of activities, including inspection of reported cases of cruelty, organising the fostering and rehoming of animals, and provision of education on animal welfare.

Louth SPCA is staffed by volunteers and relies heavily on donations for funding. If you wish to make a contribution, please visit our donations page

Our Committee

  • Chairperson – Paul Casey
  • Vice Chairperson and Head of Fundraising – Joan Robinson
  • Secretary – Olwen Matthews
  • Treasurer – 
  • Animal Welfare Inspector – Fiona Squibb
  • Head of Digital Marketing and Communications- Ashleigh John
    Ruth Treadwell
  • Ciara Darby
  • Carolyn Matthews
  • Lisa Malone
  • Kathy Flood

Registered Charity No. CHY 12479

LSPCA are on the list of approved bodies for the Charitable Donation Scheme (CDS). See the full list of charities here. (We’re number 12479 on the list). A form needs to be filled out by the Donor whether they want to donate for a once-off donation or for a period of up to 5 years. You can fill out the forms here: