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Adoption from an SPCA or a reputable Rescue. The slogan Adopt dont shop is a slogan thought up to encourage people to come to SPCA’s and Rescues rather than purchasing from Puppy Breeders or other sources. Adopted pets are just as loving, intelligent and loyal as a purchased pet. We take in the animals and they are assessed as to their needs and what type of family life they are best suited, meaning you can find a best friend thats suited to your families needs.

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How to adopt from Louth SPCA

When you express an interest an interest in adopting an animal. the process usually looks like this:

  1. We have discussion about your home and family life
  2. A homecheck is carried out to ensure the area is suitable for an animal 
  3. Discuss the needs and situation of the animal
  4. Meet & greet to get the animal used to it’s new family
  5. Regular visits after the animal goes home with you

We vaccinate and microchip all the animals that are adopted from us. We also spay or neuter animals if they are the correct age, whenever this isn’t possible we do offer assisance to adopters to have these procedures carried out at a reduced rate at a later date. Regular

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