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School & Community Group Visits

Did you know our crulty inspector can make a visit to your classroom or community group? If you’re lucky she might even have a four-legged friend to give her a hand. 
During these visits children get a chance to learn all about the wonderful work the society does, how with their help animals all over the county can have a better life and ask any questions they might have on animal welfare. 

Talks are suitable for all ages and can be an engaging and hands on way to ensure children learn how to be reponsible owners and friends to animals. 

Would you like to organise a talk with your group or class?  Reach out today and help us educate the next generation. You can email info@louthspca.ie or fill out the form below.

Would you like to help us raise vital funds?

Organise a fundraiser

Without fundraising the work we do, simply wouldn’t be possible. Throughout the year we hold many events all over the county to allow us to gather the much need funds that let us save the lives of neglected and mistreated animals.

If your looking for a worthy cause to organise a fundraiser for then why not consider Louth SPCA. Schools, business and local community groups often come together to help us rause vital funds and allow us to carry out our life changing work. Some examples include: 

  • Sponsored Silences
  • Bake Sale 
  • Raffle 
  • No Uniform Day

These are just a few ideas, if you’ve got your own we’d be happy to hear them! Fill out the form below or sned an email to fundraising@louthspca.ie.

DSG Junior School helped us by raising £125 from their no uniform day.

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