Louth SPCA

Urgent Appeal For Pepsi

Meet Pepsi. He came into our care over the weekend in a very bad way. He refused to eat and seemed to have given up. Thankfully with a lot of TLC and spoon-feeding every few hours Pepsi made it through the weekend and is more alert today.

Unfortunately, he is not out of the woods yet. Pepsi visited the vet today, where he was diagnosed with a very bad heart murmur. His condition is called PDA, Patent Ductus Arteriosus. It will require going to see a heart specialist in Dublin. He will have scans done to see how or if surgery is a possibility.

The bill to get an appointment and have the scans is approx €300. Then if surgery is an option we could be looking at a possible €2000. If surgery isn’t an option then his life span will be short 😔

Please if you can donate anything towards Pepsi and his care we would be so grateful 🙏